“Becca bleached to please her husband”- Akua Blakofe

Musician Becca was once this natural Dark skin girl but now she is fairer than the sun.

The musician got social media talking in a controversial line she sung in her new song where she disclosed that she was dark and proud.

“I’m a woman and I’m black and I’m proud and I’m strong,” Becca’s line reads.

This statement got many people on social media to talk about her decision to be fairer than she once was.

Akua Blakofe; who’s the former Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Development Company (GTDC) now known as Saneeheneba Akua on social media; shared her view on why she thinks Becca changed colour like a chameleon.

According to her, Becca wanted to please her husband that was why she has bleached her skin.

She wrote; “I’m no longer a fan. She looks disgusting. Because Nigerian women are “fair” she wanted to look that way for her hubby? And sorry to say, but men who go down on women who bleach, doesn’t it affect their brains? Sucking those chemicals? How do they deal with smelly skin, especially down there???? Because I know bleached skin smells, so down there dierrrrrr… Yuck yuck yuck”.

see her post below.

"Becca bleached to please her husband"- Akua Blakofe 1