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What Caused The Forest Fire Outbreak In France

GFrance Forest Fire Outbreak

According to local authorities, thousands more residents in southwest France have been forced to leave their homes as a wildfire rages there. On Monday, about 5,000 residents of Les Miquelots, a southern section of Teste-de-Buch, were advised to leave, while another 3,000 were instructed to vacate Pyla-sur-Mer, to the east. …

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger  Fart In Miriam Margolyes Face?

Miriam Margolyes

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former co-star Miriam Margolyes has spoken up about a horrible incident involving him. Arnold allegedly “Farted”  in the face of the 81-year-old British-Australian actress while they were filming “End of Days” in 1999. While filming End of Days in 1999, Miriam Margolyes allegedly said that Arnold Schwarzenegger blew wind …

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