As If He Won’t Cheat; Reactions As Groom Cries Heavily During His Wedding Day (Video)

Even adults can experience emotions when they are in love, and a young groom was unable to control himself while celebrating his beautiful wedding.

As the bride and her father made their way to the altar, the man broke down in tears.

Social media users have responded to the emotional scene in which the groom cries and puts his hand over his mouth.

When the couple was photographed holding hands and grinning during the ceremony, some online commenters questioned why he did not wipe away the tears.

@macpherson_01 said:

Okay, I get that he’s crying because, yeah he’s emotional. But why are the tears reaching his neck and he’s not trying to wipe it?

LifewithpapiP claimed:

Any man that cries at his wedding on seeing his bride-to-be is just another dramatic man. Fear such men, he’s trying too hard to be authentic.

@ItzOmareh commented:

Wetin e talk abeg.

@shesunrulyy reacted:

If my husband doesn’t cry like this for me I’ll simply walk back out and do it again.