“Arrogant boy! shut up else I will shut you up!”- Hammer slums Wode Maya (video)

Wode Maya, one of Ghana’s most famous YouTubers, has upset Da Hammer, the legendary Ghanaian beat maker, over a remark he made in a recent interview.

Wode Maya said in an interview with Jessica OS said that most Ghanaian actors are clueless and don’t even own their own Youtube channel.

He says they live a lie and have given their YouTube channel to a third-party system like Mipromo without understanding the repercussions due to their inexperience.

These comments have enraged Hammer, who has retaliated against Wode Maya. Wode Maya is said to be greedy by Hammer, who warns him that if he does not humble herself, he will deal with him.

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Hammer warned Wode Maya that if he didn’t learn to shut up, he would shut him up.