“Any man of God who wants to give Accurate Prophecies should sleep with his wife 3 times before talking”- Kumchacha

Pastor and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas popularly known as Kumchacha has advised all the pastors and men of God in Ghana to have sex with their wives at least 3 times before going out to preach or Prophesy.

Kumchacha added that, if any pastor wants to have the power to predict the future, then good sex with his partner is vital to create a powerful connection with God.

“If you are a prophet and want to give upright prophecies like me Kumchacha, then you must have sex thrice every time with your wives before preaching,” he said.

He said having sex 3 times represents the ‘Trinity’; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

He added that any man of God that does not sleep with his wife is at risk of Going to hell.

He made all this revelation in an interview with Kofi TV.