Annie Love speaks for the first time after her nak3d pictures leaked

You can remember a young lady who went viral on social media for dating three men at once. According to sources, the young lady in question is an influencer who goes by the handle @Annie lovve on Twitter.

After the news broke, Annie lovve has faced some backlash from social media pundits. Her nude images were posted to social media as a result, and she has since become the talk of the town.

Annie Love speaks for the first time after her nak3d pictures leaked 1

She confidently stated in a recent tweet, which our team saw, that she is fed up with all that is going on. She went on to say that social media critics were biased against her and that she would suffer as a result of their actions.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

”I am the first to cheat or whatsoever,I am the first to sin on earth so go ahead and judge me!! You all been bias with me…if i die your judgement killed me!!!!

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You all were here when he joined the space to explain himself,you all believed he said the truth,now it’s my turn and his spokesman is saying I’m lying!you think i don’t have anyone or deserve something better just because of a shit that happened……

I decided not to talk but the kind of statement I’m seeing from some of you is making me crave for poison!!Some of you have done worst than i have yet you’re here judging me,Do you know what happened?Yes it was a mistake ever associating myself with someone like Piano!!

I’m just tired of you all,like i committed murderer,who doesn’t have sex?Because I had a vibe with someone,he must take a pic of me while asleep and post it right??oh wow…I swear on my parents wherever they are that i will make this boy pay for every shit he has put me through!

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Drop those videos Odurose!!! Pathetic!! I’m tired of you all… sekorf we had sex he must take a nude of me and post it right?? Amazing”