Anna Maria Sieklucka age, biography, career, height, boyfriend

Anna-Maria Sieklucka is an actress who hails from Poland. Her breakthrough role in 365 Days, an erotic drama film, made her a household name.


The city of Lublin, which is located in eastern Poland, is where Sieklucka was born. Her father, Jerzy Antoni Sieklucki, is a lawyer.


She received her diploma from the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts’ Puppetry Faculty in Wroclaw in 2018, after completing her studies there.


She is completely proficient in the Polish, English, French, and German languages.

Anna Maria Sieklucka Age

Anna-Maria Sieklucka is 30 years old. The popular actress was born to her parents on 31 May 1992.

Anna Mari Sieklucka Career

She had a guest appearance in an episode of the Polish medical drama Na dobre I na ze in October 2019.


She made her acting debut in the sexual drama films 365 Days (2020) and its sequel, playing the role of Laura Biel alongside Michele Morrone.


According to her, filming was difficult, and after reading the script, she had second thoughts about accepting the job.


Despite the film’s poor critical reception, it was a global hit and Newsweek claims it will be 2020’s most-watched Netflix original.


Sieklucka’s performance earned her a Golden Raspberry Award nomination for Worst Actress.

Anna Mari Sieklucka Height

At the moment, Anna Maria has a height of 5 feet, 4 inches, which is equivalent to 1.62.5 meters.

Anna Mari Sieklucka’s boyfriend

Anna Mari Sieklucka is currently in a relationship with  Łukasz Witt-Michałowski.


Lukasz Witt-Michałowsk is a famous Polish actor, director, producer, theatre artist