Angry Pastor refuses to wed couple because they were 5 minutes late - Video 1

Angry Pastor refuses to wed couple because they were 5 minutes late – Video

There was a drama in the Nigerian church in Port Harcourt as church members, and the wedding guests slammed a pastor for refusing to hold a wedding ceremony because the couple arrived five minutes late.

While the pair and their respective family members apologised and begged with the pastor, the pastor went to his office and refused to marry them.

He left the couple waiting for an hour and reportedly said he would marry them inside his office at his own leisure, not as expected in the church.

The circumstance created a great deal of misunderstanding as the wedding guests sold their spleen to the priest with physical violence whilst the bride shed tears outside the church premises.

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it appears that this happened in the Fulfilling Word Foundation Church- Nigeria.

the photographer shared the video and wrote:

“Annoying events at the wedding I was covering today in PH.
“The couple came 5 minutes late and the pastor left the church, kept us for 1 hour, and said he’ll join them in his office after returning. “Some pastors are feeling like God.”

At last, the pair became tired of waiting for the pastor and had another person to represent as a pastor.

watch the video below;

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