An endowed woman flaunts her ny@$h in a popular TikTok video.

A sexy woman flashing her “nyash” is seen in a trending TikTok video. The woman can be seen in the video donning form-fitting apparel that emphasizes her curves and draws attention to her large buttocks.

She moves with her hips swaying, her derriere jiggling and bouncing.

The woman in the video has drawn criticism for objectifying herself and pushing unhealthful beauty standards, while others have praised her for her confidence and body positivity. The video has created a contentious discussion on social media.

Concerns about the effects such videos can have on young girls who might feel under pressure to meet unattainable beauty standards have also been raised.

In spite of the uproar surrounding the video, millions of people have seen and liked it on TikTok.

see the video down below.