“Amanda was pregnant before Davido married Chioma” – Netizen drops bombshell revelation about Davido

Loveth, a netizen who claims to have insider information, revealed that Amanda was pregnant with Davido’s child for 5 to 6 months prior to his marriage with Chioma.

This allegedly occurred after Chioma’s family insisted that Davido marry her in order to take care of his late friend Ify’s body. Despite Davido’s attempts to convince Amanda to get an abortion, she refused and remained adamant.

Sophia Momodu distanced herself from the drama since she was close with Amanda. Lovethy also alleged that Davido visited Amanda in the US before leaving for the UK and that Chioma recently left their matrimonial home.

“Gistlover; Amanda was 5 to 6 months pregnant before Davido married Chioma ooo.

Chioma’s family insisted that David must marry Chioma to be able to take Ify’s dead body so he was left with no choice.

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Meanwhile, early last year David was spending time with Amanda and Hailey doing videos in Amanda’s living room. He and Chioma were no longer a case then and Chioma had moved on too.

When Amanda got pregnant was fresh mid-last year; David want to use Sophia to Sade Amanda so she can abort the pregnancy but Sophia is a smart lady and have a good relationship with Amanda so she wasn’t allowed to be used. When he was on Sophia’s page commenting my money show is all cruise on Amanda.

Amanda stands her ground. He then use the desperate Chioma and the reason he was flaunting Chioma around and all the paparazzi like 1 month before Ify’s death.

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Amanda already born few weeks ago. Not about to give birth but already gave birth few weeks ago. David was there before leaving to the UK. Recently so nature gist be this ooo. Chioma left around 2 weeks ago”.

“Amanda was pregnant before Davido married Chioma” - Netizen drops bombshell revelation about Davido 1