Akuapem Poloo celebrates her son’s birthday with stunning pictures

Akuapem Poloo has learned her lessons, and today, as she celebrates her son’s birthday, she has become very decent and gorgeous.

As her baby boy turns a year old, the mother of one says she is looking forward to today. She celebrated the day by posting nice images to her Instagram feed.

Poloo states that she finds it unbelievable that she has continued thus far, having previously gone through great hardship.


Akuapem Poloo celebrates her son's birthday with stunning pictures 1

“It’s truly a wonder I made it this far, all the pains and shame I’ve been through, the struggles and public ridicules which almost ended me in jail because of a picture I’ wouldn’t be here to witness my king’s birthday father lord on this special day I pray you to restore into his life everything he has lost over past months. My heart is full of nothing but gratitude and I’m blessed to witness this day my king @sonof_poloo may you live long.”