‘Thinking too much will shorten your life’- Akrobeto advises Ghanaians

Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto, a veteran Ghanaian comedic actor and the country’s undisputed funniest man, has urged Ghanaians to stop thinking about anything if they don’t want to live short lives.

'Thinking too much will shorten your life'- Akrobeto advises Ghanaians

Worry, or tension, he claims, is the one thing that can cut a man’s life short very easily.

And though his age is increasing by the year, Akrobeto shows no signs of aging.

When asked what his secret is, he said he eats well, exercises regularly, and most importantly, he never worries.

It’s difficult to be in this universe and not be concerned with anything, but Akrobeto believes that this is the key to living a long life.

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He urges everyone to try to be less concerned with problems because whatever happens, happens.

watch video below.