Akrobeto flaunts his nearly acquired Toyota Venza 2022 worth around $40,000 (video)

The Kumawood actor and host of a television show, Akrobeto, has just taken to the internet to show off his newest piece of property.

The humorous actor who has made a fortune from his profession recently bought another luxury car to the fleet of cars he already owned, which was already rather extensive.

A new video that has quickly gained attention on the internet shows Akrobeto responding to a fan’s inquiry about the luxurious automobile as he exits a shopping mall and gets into the vehicle in which he just purchased.

The famous actor, who is ecstatic with his recent purchase of a “big boy” vehicle, gleefully revealed that he is the owner of the vehicle.

He also mentioned that the vehicle is the most up-to-date iteration of Toyota’s Venza series.

After establishing that he was the owner of the car and ecstatically chatting about its model, Akrobeto got behind the wheel and headed away

Watch the video that has been provided below to learn more…