Bishop Ajagurajah exposes famous rapper who is married to a 'god' 1

Bishop Ajagurajah exposes famous rapper who is married to a ‘god’

Bishop Boakye Asiamah, widely named “chop bar pastor,” who is the founder of the Ajagurajah Movement, disclosed that a popular Ghanaian rapper is married to a demi-god.

Bishop Ajagurajah exposes famous rapper who is married to a 'god' 2

The Ajagurajah Movement head revealed, providing a vivid definition of the rapper, that the said wrapper is dark in appearance, likes to wear dark shades, and holds a beard as well.

He also extended his remarks, saying that the wife of the rapper is responsible for his popularity, and as such, if he dares to abandon her, his life will become very sad.

According to him, this is because any spiritual backing that he has received from his wife since the beginning of his career will be withdrawn from the individual.

There is a popular rapper in Ghana. His wife is a demi-god and I’ll never stop saying it. He is dark in complexion and likes to wear dark sunglasses a lot. You’ll never hear any news about his wife. The day that rapper leaves his wife, he will go back to square one. If he thinks I’m lying, he should try it because it is her spirit that is backing his career. It is his wife’s spiritual backing that has brought him this far so when he wakes up every morning, he kneels and worships her like a god and says thank you to her.

When he was pressured by Zionfelix to name the rapper he was speaking about and his wife, he said: he said: “I don’t do things for fame so I’ll not mention any names. The rapper himself knows what I’m saying is true.

He added that the singer gets trolled on social media if he fights with his wife at home.

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Anytime they fight at home, his day gets messed up. That particular day, he gets trolled on social media. I have eyes so I can see a lot of things going on in the country.

Many netizens have firmly marked Sarkodie as the one the self-acclaimed man of God is talking about.


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