Ajagurajah angrily buys all the waakye at his favourite joint to prevent a guy who disrespected him from buying some (watch video)

Ajagurajah has shown a guy who he feels has mistreated him that he is able to exert his authority and financial strength over him.

According to the Spiritual Leader, in order to shield himself from the possibility of being poisoned, he went to a Wakye Seller to get some Wakye.

The fact that the Seller was aware of his status in addition to the amount of persons waiting in line allowed him to be prioritized for service.

The decision of the Wakye Seller to serve Ajagurajah before any of the other customers was called into question by a dissatisfied customer who claimed it was his right to be served first.

The President of the Ajagurajah Movement was not pleased with this development at all. Everything that was for sale at the Wakye Seller was bought by him, and he paid in full for it all.

Bishop claims that after receiving cash, he loaded everything into his vehicle and drove off.

This was done in order to teach the other person a lesson for insisting that the Wakye have to be provided on a first come, first served basis.

He wants to know whether there’s something he should have done differently before buying everything in an effort to irritate the other person.

watch the video below