Afia Schwar has been having s3x with her house help – Nana Tornado alleges – Video

In a new viral video, Nana Tornado claims that his renowned arch-rival, Afia Schwar, sleeps with her female house assistant, Mary.

According to the accusations made by Nana Tornado in this enraged video, Afia Schwar is a bisexual who sleeps with both men and women, including her cleaner.

Aside from accusing Afia Schwar of having sexual relations with her housekeeper, Nana Tornado also dismissed the video of Afia Schwar in great pain that she published on social media a few hours ago.

According to Tornado, Afia Schwar is fine and healthy, not sick as she appeared in the video.

He explained that the comedienne purposefully published the footage on social media in order to avoid appearing in court for contempt on January 17th.