“Adebayor was the reason why I stopped my beef with Lil win”- Funny face

Funny face and lil win were engaged in a heated beef not so long ago about who deserved to win favourite actor at the just ended Ghana movies awards.

Lil win who felt funny face did not deserve the award he got, dissed him and that started a trend of shots and jabs that even got some of their family and friends involved.

Funny face has disclosed in a new video that, he stopped replying lil win after Adebayor advised him to focus on his career and stop following negativity.

He said he has uttermost respect for Adebayor and anytime he feels angry and wants to send a reply to lil win, Adebayor’s words keeps him in check.

He added that a video circulating on social media that he has replied lil win was actually shot 3 years ago and had nothing to do with the beef.

watch the video below.