Actress Salma Mumin to feed 600 children in WA

Actress Salma Mumin launched her foundation today and has already put plans underway to make sure that about 600 kids in the northern part of Ghana are fed well.

Salma in a speech thanked Government and NGO’s for the effort they are putting in creating mentorship and feeding programs for underprivileged children across the various regions in the country.

“Growing up in Wa, I noticed there were many deprived children in our local community without hope of what they can be in the future, there are children who spent their school children begging for money and food by the street. There are children who do not grow to achieve their full potential because of hunger and complications from malnutrition. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to save these children. It is our duty to provide opportunities which deprived of these children through death, broken homes and poverty, all which are not of theirs,” she revealed.

Actress Salma Mumin to feed 600 children in WA 1

“Salma Mumin Foundation is not just an organization, but my duty. It is not just this but a commitment to the future, commitment to provide good education and health for the wellbeing of our future leaders,” the actress stated.

“In the quest of providing hope for more children, the next Salma feeds project is on the 15th January at Wa which is targeting to feed over 600 children and also provide foodstuffs to the canteen of two schools,” she opened up on the Foundation’s upcoming project.

She added: “Through our Salma Feeds program under the Salma Mumin Foundation, we fed over 5000 street children in James Town in 2018. This program encourages good community engagement between the deprived children and my team of professional caregivers and life coaches.”