Accra has been named one of Africa’s Richest cities – See complete list of top ten

Regarding the bad perceptions many Ghanaians have of Accra, the country’s capital, it retains a high-profile position on the international stage.

Accra has been named one of Africa's Richest cities - See complete list of top ten 1

The whole observation is based on a recent ranking that identifies Accra as one of Africa’s wealthiest cities, according to a 2020 study released by New World Wealth for the Mauritius-based AfrAsia Bank.

Accra was ranked second in West Africa, behind Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, which was ranked fourth only behind Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Cairo, which were ranked first, second, and seventh, respectively.

Johannesburg and Cape Town occupy four of the top ten spots in South Africa, while Durban and Pretoria are ranked fifth and seventh, respectively.

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In terms of private capital owned, the Africa Wealth Report 2021 lists the richest cities in Africa. According to the paper, a city’s “absolute wealth” is described as the private wealth owned by all of its residents.

Accra has been named one of Africa's Richest cities - See complete list of top ten 2

It comprises all of their properties (real estate, currency, stocks, and business interests), minus any liabilities. The measure does not include government funding.

The information is for December 2020, but it includes the effects of the coronavirus epidemic.

Cairo, Egypt, and Cassablanca, Morocco, also made the list, with Cairo coming in third and Cassablanca coming in eighth.

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, was placed sixth, making it the only East African country to make the ranking, while Luanda, the capital of Angola, rounded out the list.

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below is the list;

Top 10 wealthiest cities in Africa:

1. Johannesburg

2.Cape Town

3. Cairo

4. Lagos

5. Durban

6. Nairobi

7. Pretoria

8. Luanda.

9. Casablanca

10. Accra