A young man shows rubbish on the streets of New York blasting Twene Jonas (video)

Twene Jonas, who insists that the United States of America is the most exacting paradise on earth, has been challenged in a video shared on social media by a Ghanaian young man residing in the United States.

Twene Jonas is well-known for his remark that “the system is still working 24/7” if he tries to criticize Ghana’s leadership.

A US-based Ghanaian young man whose name has not been released captured the environmental causes of a room in New York City named the Bronx in a video circulated on social media to suggest that America, too, has problems.

Some areas of the world, he claims, are not as safe as Twene Jonas has often presented them to be. He went on to say that the system cannot operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week because certain areas are clogged with trash and other objects.

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Check out the video below: