“A woman who is not ready to have sex with a man will definitely go hungry”- Akuapem Polo

Actress Rosemond Brown has shared her controversial view about women in general.

According to her in an interview on TV3, any woman who is not ready to open her legs for a man will go hungry.

She said she will stop having sex for 6 months should she get a man who will provide for her and not demand sex in return.

And in this world that we live in, those men are few or even extinct.

” I can stay away from sex for six months only if my man will cater to me. This is because nowadays, the guys if they don’t get anything from you, they don’t want to give you money.” she said.

“If you don’t allow them to do anything to do with you, they’ll tell you they can get it elsewhere. Guys nowadays are addicted to sex. Most women are poor so if they don’t sleep with men, there’s no other way they can feed themselves.” She added