A UK-based husband and wife have confessed to independently seeking the services of the same witch doctor to kill each other.

A couple from the UK has admitted to separately seeking the help of a witch doctor, also known as ‘juju’, to kill each other.

The husband, Baba Gamu, was the first to visit the witch doctor and asked for his wife’s demise. He claimed that he had been informed by prophets that his wife was using black magic or juju against him. He also said that his wife had kicked him out of their shared home.

The family found out about the situation when they discovered that the witch doctor had obtained the wife’s contact information and photos. The witch doctor then contacted the wife, Mai Gamu, and told her about her husband’s intentions to kill her.

Instead of going through with the original plan, Mai Gamu and the witch doctor came up with a plan to have Baba Gamu killed instead.

This is a bizarre and dangerous situation. It is never okay to seek the help of a witch doctor or any other person to harm someone else.

It is important to seek help from trusted sources, such as the police or a counselor, if you are experiencing problems in your relationship.