A female referee was physically assaulted by a player during a game in Kumasi

An incident occurred during a football match in the Ashanti Region town of Kumasi, where a female referee, Ms. Faizatu Jakpa of the Referees Association of Ghana, was physically attacked by a player.

An article from ghpage says that during a league game between Fabulous Ladies and Kumasi Sports Academy, the referee was physically assaulted and beaten up by a player from Kumasi Sports Academy.

A confusion occurred between the said Fabulous Ladies’ female player and the referee Faizatu during the match. As for what the problem was, we can’t say, but before the referee could utter a single word, she got her beatings of a lifetime, resulting in a swollen lip.

Look at the image below.

Ghana Premier League: Player Beats Up Female Refree During Game
Female refree assaulted by female player