A brave driver slaps an MTTD officer who tried to take his keys as they fight in public.

In a viral video, a motorist and a Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) official have been seen fighting dirty in public.

The Ghana Police Service manages the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate. In Ghana, the MTTD is in charge of road safety.

Apparently, the police officer attempted to confiscate the driver’s car keys, most likely for violating road signs, which generated anger and resulted in the brawl.

The motorist, who appeared irritated by the manner in which the police violently attempted to grasp his car keys, did not spare the uniformed MTTD officer.

While arguing with the police over the key, the irritated motorist slapped him across the face.

The officer, who was rendered useless but attempted to defend himself in order not to be shamed, kicked the driver in the groin.

View the video below.