A Beautiful Lady from Ivory Coast Goes Viral for Flaunting Her Curves

A woman from Ivory Coast has become an internet sensation after sharing a video of herself showing off her amazing body.

In the video, she is wearing a black and white striped crop top and tight jeans that perfectly fit her curves. Her hair is styled in long braids, which she playfully swings around as she dances to music in the background.

The Reaction

The video has gone viral on social media, with many people admiring the woman’s stunning looks and curvaceous figure. Some have even called her a “goddess” and asked for her hand in marriage.

However, others have criticized her for “showing off” and promoting unrealistic beauty standards.


While opinions may differ, it’s important to remember that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s okay to celebrate and appreciate our bodies, but we should also be mindful of how our actions may affect others.

Check out the video below and decide for yourself!