Man threatens to slap wife and daughter of Reggie Rockstone after crushing their car – Video

Reggie Rockstone’s wife, Zilla Limann, and daughter received the shock of their lives when their vehicle was hit from behind by a car.

Zilla was caught on camera on the phone with her husband, complaining about what their daughter had done, in a video shared by Reggie Rockstone on his Instagram page.

The mother of three, who had previously chastised her daughter for tasing someone at school while still on the phone with Reggie, was caught off guard when a loud bang could be heard during one of their daily vlogs.

The car’s violent shaking spilled her tea and her daughter’s on their clothes.

Her daughter was unable to process what had just happened for a brief moment while her mother exited the car to investigate.

The stranger who caused the accident blamed her for improper parking.

During the exchange, the man, who has yet to be identified, was heard threatening Zilla and her daughter.

An alarmed Zilla directed her daughter to bring her recording device, which had previously recorded the accident, in order to better capture the man and how events were unfolding.

Reggie arrived in his gym suit and made some calls to the driver’s boss shortly after the back and forth between the man and Zilla.

The self-proclaimed ‘Originator of Hip-life Music’ then followed the young man to his office, where they resolved the problem.

Watch the video below;