3 qualities to base on when marrying a woman, to Become Successful In Life 1

3 qualities to base on when marrying a woman, to Become Successful In Life

Marriage is an oath you make in front of all and God to the one your supposed love honor and cherish for the rest of your life. with that being said, marriage isn’t about a beautiful wedding, fancy home, nice cars, and nice picket fence, it is rather working long hours, working through struggle, paying bills, keeping the faith and staying together through it all.

A good marriage when found would always bring one success and it is what everyone on earth is looking for. to achieve a good marriage, the love between the couple is very necessary but isn’t enough to secure the couple’s a good marriage.

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in achieving such a marriage, the two should possess certain qualities since any relationship is vulnerable to many pressures. these qualities are very vital and with it and even without love, the marriage will be flourishing until love grows between the couples.

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Today we concentrate on these qualities on the side of ladies. as noted in this part of the world, the men who take the initiative to propose love or marriage to the women. before venturing for a ladies hand in marriage, aside the love you have for her, you should also look out for these qualities we are to mention below:

A Godly Woman

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A Godly woman is a woman of value. she makes a valuable wife by giving her husband full confidence in her as she is always faithful. with this, the man can concentrate on other business that will bring success.

She is valuable to her household as she makes a good mother to her kids, training them in the ways of God. a family who is God-fearing always earns the blessings of God which all contributes to success.

Industrious Woman

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An industrious woman is always hard working and as such, she is able to contribute financially to the well being of the family. these women do not depend on their husbands’ income for survival and that helps in raising the financial status of the family.

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An industrious woman is always: prepared, she is always ready to seize the opportunities, strong and able to do the work, and is always dedicated, seeing her projects to the end despite the difficulties.


3 qualities to base on when marrying a woman, to Become Successful In Life 2

It is not her submissiveness that will make you successful automatically, a woman who complies with your ideas and rules will make you have the inner peace to concentrate on your work.

Many men cannot work because they do not have the peace they want. such men become unproductive in their workplaces which attracts the attention of their superiors. they sometimes resort to drugs that do not end them well.

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