“2020 Elections will shock the NPP”- Afia Pokuaa (vim Lady)

Celebrated Journalist Afia Pokuaa the vim lady, has disclosed that the upcoming elections will come as a shock to the NPP because of how they are handling their own internal elections.

Vim lady disclosed that the ruling party is so obsessed with power and has attached no urgency to really important things that are supposed to be done within the party.

"2020 Elections will shock the NPP"- Afia Pokuaa (vim Lady) 1

“Power has gotten into people’s heads and they think that it’s just a walkover for the NPP. So, they think that let’s do Primaries in April and do this and do that and we can win. The same thing happened to the NDC around 2000 and 2004.” she said.

The General Secretary of NPP, John Boadu was whom she blamed saying that he is doing nothing to addresses the internal issues within the party.

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She added that, the regions that voted for the NPP in numbers will reduce.

“So, it is high time the party reminded itself of the fact that elections are in December.” she added.